Protect the Earth. Enjoy great food.

Support local restaurants that are committed to

recycling, composting, and other sustainable practices.

Featured Green Rank Certified Restaurants

We’d like to introduce you to just a few of our very special Green Rank Certified restaurant partners.

Vibe Foods

  • Metro Denver
  • Certified
  • Coffee - Tea
Our journey started 10 years ago when our family had to make some dramatic changes to our diet...


  • LA / Orange County
  • Certified
  • Asian
We care about why and what you eat. You want quality food that is good for you, tastes...

The Colorado Room

  • Fort Collins
  • Certified
  • American
Danny and Justin grew up in Colorado. We have been in restaurant industry for over 15 years and...

What is Green Rank?

Each day, the restaurant industry generates massive amounts of trash. The majority of that waste

ends up in landfills, instead of being recycled or composted. Highly centralized supply chains ensure

that most of what you eat at a restaurant was produced hundreds or thousands of miles away.

That means more fossil fuels burned and more land sterilized by unsustainable, chemical-based factory farming.


Green Rank exists to support the development of healthy alternatives to our toxic and unsustainable

food production systems. We do that by supporting local, sustainable, and farm-to-table restaurants

that share our values.


Maybe that doesn’t sound like much but never forget that the mightiest oak begins as just an acorn.


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